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New Neighbors Program

Connecting our neighbors to community resources


New Neighbors Program

This program allows volunteers to ‘adopt’ a newly arrived family. It's a pivotal component of our mission to show refugee and immigrant families the ‘long welcome.’  Because there are many barriers when arriving in a new country, our volunteers act as advocates to make families feel more comfortable in their new home.


Our volunteers engage with clients directly by visiting them in their home and helping them navigate their community and their new life.


Volunteers who choose to participate in the New Neighbors program are connected with a refugee or immigrant family in need of assistance. Responsibilities will be agreed upon after connecting a volunteer with a family.

If you're interested in volunteering for this program, check out our volunteer resources.

Case Management

Volunteers follow refugees closely in their transition to life in Cincinnati. This may include driving clients to appointments, to the grocery store, or to other errands. Furthermore, volunteers guide families to self sufficiency, as they teach them how to navigate the bus system and other nuances that come with living in a new environment.

Financial Empowerment

Our volunteers aid refugees and immigrants in money management to ensure financial security for refugee families.


Volunteers connect their new neighbors to resources within their community, if the need arises. This can take the form of legal, education, housing and employment referrals, financial resources, and agencies providing familial aid.


Volunteers aid refugees and immigrants with navigating the healthcare system. Volunteers can also act as advocates for refugees who are hospitalized but don’t possess the requisite language skills to advocate for themselves.

Curious what it's like to sponsor a family of new neighbors? Volunteer Carol wrote about the experience - read her article here.