Success Stories

Witnessing joyful moments is what keeps us going. We've captured a few to share.


Sodiq  Onanuga


Sodiq’s father left Nigeria alone in hopes of supporting his family and someday being able to bring them to the United States. Although this move allowed Sodiq to attend private school in Nigeria, the family continued to struggle with finances and putting food on the table. In 2017, Sodiq and his two brothers finally arrived in the United States... 


Ghana Neopaney


In July 2008, Ghana arrived in Cincinnati with his parents and two younger brothers. Housing and employment were not readily available so they were paired with another family in a single bedroom apartment. Within 24 hours of their arrival, Ghana's family was introduced to Heartfelt Tidbits...


Zoila Emerita Martìnez


When Zoila was a child in southern Guatemala, her mother supported the family by sewing and taught her daughter to sew. Though Zoila loved sewing, she wasn't able to practice much since there was always other work to be done to help her mother. As Zoila grew up and raised her own family she slowly forgot about sewing. When threats were made against the family, Zoila was forced to leave Guatemala...