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Youth Support Program

Empowering youth through education and supportive networks


Youth Support

Our volunteers provide extensive support to refugee and immigrant children during their transition to a new and unfamiliar school system. Following that, Heartfelt Tidbits aids youth in their pursuit of higher education, and supports them through the overwhelming process of college applications and preparation.


Youth support activities:


Youth empowerment is provided on a case-by-case basis. It ranges from helping youth organize volunteer efforts to helping students plan their post-high school lives.

During the school year

Girls' art class is the second Saturday morning of each month at Wave Pool.

We assist students in attending CCM Satellite Children's Choir every Wednesday at Northminster Presbyterian Church.

Over the summer

Heartfelt Tidbits provides support and transportation for local children to attend Cincinnati-area summer camps hosted by our community partners.

We also host a summer camp for our clients and local children at the Welcome Project.



  • Tutoring students
  • Helping youth with college goals, preparation, visits, and/or applications    
  • Helping with FAFSA forms

If you're interested in getting involved with refugee and immigrant youth, see our volunteer resources




Referrals and tutoring

Our volunteers assess the needs of clients through home visits and provide referrals to community partners who offer educational support and parent education courses. Volunteers also provide academic support through after school tutoring in order to acclimate youth to their new school environment.

Extra-curricular activities

We recognize that refugees have limited exposure to extracurricular activities and these may be overwhelming for parents.  We seek out opportunities with our partners to engage youth into activities they would enjoy and collaborate with local schools for joint activities.  We find that more exposure to these events opens new doors to hidden talents, helps youth feel more comfortable in their new homes, and uncovers positive role models.

College preparation

Heartfelt Tidbits provides college preparation for those who plan to attend college.  This component includes accompanying prospective students to university visits, aiding in the preparation of college and scholarship applications, and pinpointing the academic goals of each client.

Many other Heartfelt Tidbits programs are open to the entire family such as our community gardens and makerspace.