We've helped over 40,000 refugees and immigrants call Cincinnati home since 2008.  

Heartfelt Tidbits is a 100% volunteer-based organization empowering refugee and immigrant families to reach self-sufficiency through our extensive support and innovative programming. 

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We offer innovative weekly programming in seven key areas.


English & Citizenship

We offer weekly English and Citizenship classes, providing an opportunity to learn about American life, practice English, and prepare for the Citizenship exam. 

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Youth Support

Empowering refugee and immigrant children to feel truly comfortable in their new academic and social environments.

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Job Readiness

We provide extensive job preparation for clients who are beginning to look for work, and aid them in the process of job interviews.

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Our art, sewing, and fiber arts classes are a relaxed way to come together in community, pursue creative endeavors, and make a positive impacts on mental health.

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New Neighbors Program

Volunteers show the ‘long welcome’ to refugee and immigrant families and help them in their transition to Cincinnati life.

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Community Gardens

The gardens provide healthy, accessible produce to refugee and immigrant families, and offer an opportunity for them to build community through work in the gardens.

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Welcome Project

Our social enterprise empowers refugee and immigrant women to pursue creative entrepreneurship.

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We empower refugees and immigrants to lead successful and fulfilling lives in their new homes. Learn about a few of the lives we've touched.

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Meet Giri

Giri Sapkota’s family arrived from Bhutan in 2008, and was supported by Heartfelt Tidbits in their transition. Now an integral part of Heartfelt Tidbits, Giri shares his journey from living in a refugee camp to restarting his life in Cincinnati.


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