Zoila Emerita Martìnez

When Zoila was a child in southern Guatemala, her mother supported the family by sewing and taught her daughter to sew.

Though Zoila loved sewing, she wasn't able to practice much since there was always other work to be done to help her mother. As Zoila grew up and raised her own family she slowly forgot about sewing. When threats were made against the family, Zoila was forced to leave Guatemala. She came to the United States to be reunited with her daughter and grand-daughter.

When they first arrived in Cincinnati, they were very lonely and depressed. Before long, Zoila and her daughter were introduced to Heartfelt Tidbits and each of them became involved in multiple of our programs. Zoila began attending our makerspace programs and became a founding member of the Welcome Project

I feel comfortable coming here because the teachers and the other ladies have become my friends. I like to sew, embroider, and knit.

Learning to sew again gave Zoila the chance to become part of a community here in Cincinnati. Her friends at the makerspace play an important role in her new life. She loves making clothing for her grandchildren, and she and her daughter have begun teaching embroidery workshops together through the Welcome Project. Welcome also gives Zoila and her daughter the chance to earn money for their family by selling their items in the boutique and working on paid projects.

Zoila is also attending weekly English and Citizenship classes through Heartfelt Tidbits and her grandchildren now attend our summer camps.


Zoila and her family have become a beloved part of the Heartfelt Tidbits community, welcoming new faces and helping acquaint them with our programs. Zoila loves greeting new friends and says, "I am so happy and thank God each day for the Welcome Project."